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Pinewood Nursing Home

About Pinewood Residential Home

The Pinewood philosophy

"Pinewood" is most importantly a Home. For that purpose, it is extremely important to us that residents are allowed freedom of choice, opportunity for self-expression and protection from abuse of any kind. Residents can plan their days as they wish, wear what they want and remain in their rooms or mix with other residents if they want to.

"Life in Pinewood is a positive experience in which residents, where possible, are enabled to do more and not less with their lives; to exercise more control and choice; to live in dignity and privacy and finally to have their basic human rights safeguarded."

Our Staff

Pinewood has a team of dedicated care assistants of varying experience. Each of them have very caring, likeable personalities and have demonstrated an ability to get on well with others. You can see our entire team of staff on the Meet the staff page.

Our Residents

There is always a wide variety of different residents at Pinewood; all with their different personalities and all a joy to have. This means a community atmosphere is built into the Home, so for those residents who enjoy mixing with others, they are never alone.

Inspection Reports

At Pinewood, we are inspected regularly by the Care Quality Commission or CQC. You can view a copy of the Home's latest inspection report by clicking on the link given in the CQC Widget below.