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Budleigh Fish Cafe

There has been a family-run fish & chip shop on this site since 1937.

We are serious about the quality of our food, especially our traditional fish & chips, and everything is cooked to order.

​We only use the best, freshest ingredients. Our fish is filleted, packed and frozen at sea within a few hours of being caught. That way the fish is as fresh as possible and retains its flavour. All our fish comes from sustainable sources and is supplied by Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) registered companies.

Chips are, whenever possible, produced from Maris Piper potatoes, as we believe these to be the best potato for chipping. Other varieties are used when Piper is unavailable and by working closely with our local potato merchant we ensure we have the best spud for the time of year.

At Budleigh Fish Café we like to use local produce and local suppliers. Whenever possible we purchase in the Westcountry and with our suppliers' help have created a food and drinks menu comprising some of the best locally produced foods.

Originally the dining area was a wet fish shop, and if you look carefully at the wall on the stairs side of the restaurant you will see that there was a hatch where people paid for locally caught fish.